Homework is a very important part of your learning at Castle Donington College:

  • Check Show my Homework daily
  • Homework helps you to extend and reinforce your classwork
  • It helps prepare you for future learning and also encourages you to become independent and responsible
  • It helps you develop skills like good time management, self-discipline and determination

Here are some tips on how to get the best out of homework:


  • Make sure you understand the homework when it is set. Ask the teacher if you are unsure.
  • Try to do homework on the day it is set & while it is fresh in your mind. Don’t leave it until the night before it should be handed in.
  • Get into a routine with homework times. Either tackle it as soon as you get home or at a set time each night. Organise and plan your time. Hand it in on time.
  • Work in a place that suits you best.
  • If it is a difficult piece of writing (like a story, essay or report) draft it out in rough first.
  • If you are doing a long stint, give yourself a couple of breaks so that you don’t get too tired. Reward yourself with a treat if you have worked really hard.
  • If you are stuck, try to get your parents or an older brother or sister to help (but not to do your homework!).
  • Try to improve on the basic task set. For example – use extra detail, explanations or illustrations.
  • Always check through your work to spot mistakes and to add any final touches.
  • We have high expectations of you all. We hope you enjoy doing your homework and that you try your hardest.