CDCC Units parts 1a, 1b and 1c


Theme:  Personal Information

Pupils are assessed in talking, reading, writing and listening at the end of each unit.

Pupils learn how to talk and write in short sentences about themselves and their family.

Topics include:

  • Name
  • Pets
  • Numbers
  • Address
  • Colours
  • Family
  • Age
  • Alphabet


Pupils also have the opportunity to use ICT as part of their work



Metro published by Heinemann (French).

Topics covered:  House and Home, Leisure Activities, Likes and Dislikes, Descriptions, School Life.

Pupils are assessed in talking, reading, writing and listening during the course of the year.

Pupils learn how to talk about the topics above, including their likes and dislikes, and to be able to ask questions and seek information.

They also make use of ICT. 




In Year 8 contact time is 4 lessons; 1 lesson being devoted to a cultural assignment.  Topic areas include:-

Daily routine and arranging to go out

Feeling unwell

The cinema including a study of the film Les Choristes

Shops and shopping




French:  Main course ‘Metro’ (Heinemann). 

The topic areas include:  Where I Live, The World of Work, two film studies ‘Les Choristes’ and ‘Au Revoir les Enfants’, Healthy Lifestyle.

The grammar includes work in the present tense, perfect tense and imperfect tense.

Assessment takes place at the end of each unit.  Pupils also make use of ICT.

Spanish & Arabic

All pupils have one lesson of Spanish per week and undertake a short Arabic module at the end of the year.  There is no formal assessment in either language.