Staff Directory

To contact a member of staff please email and mark “for the attention of  the (member of staff)”.

Senior Leadership Team
Principal: – Mrs J Sheppard
Vice Principal: –  Mr N Barratt
Assistant Principal: –  Mr B Wilkinson
Business Manager: –  Mr J Barnard

Middle Leaders
Teaching Coach: – Mr D Woolf

SENCO Special Needs Co-ordinator:- Mrs A Dakin

Head of Year 7 : –   Mrs S Danes
Head of Year 8: –    Mr S Blood
Head of Year 9: –    Mr E Nelson/Mrs M Forster
Head of Year 10: –  Mr J Canavan
Head of Year 11: –   Mr D Purkiss

Head of Art, Design & Technology:- Mr M Elks
Head of English: –  Mrs K Eaton
Head of Humanities:- Mr M Hicken
Head of Mathematics:- Mr S Saunders
Head of Modern Foreign Languages:- Mr T Hallam
Head of Music:- Mr D Purkiss
Head of Physical Education:- Mr P Daly
Head of Science: – Mr K Leckie

Teaching Staff
Art, Design, Food & Textiles : – Mr M Elks, Mr A Brennan, Mrs R Canny, Mrs S Danes, Mr S Blood
English: – Mrs K Eaton, Mrs E King, Ms C Jones, Mrs M Forster, Miss K Treadwell, Mr B Wilkinson, Ms R Hardman
Media:- Mrs K Eaton, Mrs M Forster, Mr B Wilkinson, Ms A Burns
Humanities: – Mr M Hicken, Mrs A Haines, Mr E Nelson, Mr J Canavan
Mathematics: – Mr S Saunders, Mr D Anslow, Miss A Beazley, Mr A Denholm, Mr M Grayson
Modern Foreign Languages: – Mr T Hallam, Miss S Amyot
Physical Education: – Mr P Daly, Mr D Woolf, Mrs S Lester, Miss L Mills
Science: –  Mr K Leckie, Dr J Taylor, Mr J Melvin, Mrs A Dakin, Miss L Adcock, Mr N Barratt
Computer Science:- Mr I Cox

Art & Design Technology:- Mrs L O’Shea
Science:- Mrs C Lucas

Support Staff
PA to the SLT: – Mrs L Deley
Data Manager:- Mrs D McDonald
Examinations Officer:- Mrs D Shatford
Network Manager:- Mr A Clavin
Compliance Officer:- Mrs F Goodge
Attendance & Welfare Officer:- Mrs S Harrison
Senior Administrator:- Mrs G Sibson
Finance Officer:- Mr P Henson
Reception: – Miss C O’Shea, Mrs G Wilson
Behaviour Manager:- Mrs P Spence
KS3 Springboard Manager:- Mrs C Heyworth
Learning Support Assistants: – Mrs M Day, Mrs E Elliott, Mrs J Sander, Mrs M Rodriguez, Mrs M Gosling
Cover Supervisors:- Mrs L Firth, Ms H Hawcroft
Midday Supervisors: – Mrs C Heron, Mrs D Smith, Mrs A Henderson
Senior Premises Officer: – Mr P Figg
Assistant Premises Officer: – Mr A Gunn

Tutor Groups

7ADe :- Mr A Denholm
7DA   :- Mr D Anslow
7ID    :- Ms R Hardman
7KT   :- Miss K Treadwell
7MG  :- Mr M Grayson

8AB   :- Mr A Brennan
8ABZ :- Miss A Beazley
8JPM :- Mr J Melvin
8ME   :- Mr M Elks
8SA    :- Miss S Amyot

9CH   :- Mrs R Canny, Mrs A Haines
9EK    :- Mrs E King, Mr I Cox
9LA    :- Miss L Adcock
9PD    :- Mr P Daly

10CJ   :- Ms C Jones
10JT   :- Dr J Taylor
10LM  :- Miss L Mills
10TH   :- Mr T Hallam
10SB    :- Ms A Burns

11DW  :- Mr D Woolf
11KL   :- Mr K Leckie
11MH  :- Mr M Hicken
11SL    :- Mrs S Lester, Mrs A Dakin