Applying for a place at Castle Donington College

Castle Donington College is a comprehensive school.  Students will be admitted at age 11 without reference to ability or aptitude.  Applications should be made using the Leicestershire County Council website (see link below) for entry at the start of the academic year.

We are a popular school and we pride ourselves in trying to find a place for everyone who wants to join us if we possibly can. We would encourage any parent to arrange a visit to the College prior to applying for a place.  Open Mornings and Evening are held for Year 6 pupils and their parents/ carers in the Autumn Term.

Applications for transfer mid-year should be made via the Leicestershire County Council website (see below).  Alternately a paper copy of the form is available from the School Admissions Section at County Hall, Telephone 0116 3056684.

Details of the priority criteria for acceptance are in our Admissions Policy.  A summary is provided here:

  1. Students who are in public care
  2. Students who live in our catchment area
  3. Students who will have an older brother of sister attending our school
  4. Students with exceptional medical conditions or exceptional social or domestic needs (professional documentation required)
  5. Students attending a feeder school who may not live in the catchment area
  6. Children who live nearest to the College

 Our current Pupil Admission Number is 129 per year.

The current Primary schools for Castle Donington College are:

Hemington Primary School, Hemington
Kegworth Primary School, Kegworth
Long Whatton Church of England Primary School, Long Whatton
Diseworth Church of England Primary School, Diseworth
Orchard Community Primary School, Castle Donington
St. Edward’s Church of England Primary School, Castle Donington
St. Hardulph’s Church of England Primary School, Breedon

Leicestershire Authority website by clicking here.

If you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website please contact or tel: 01332 810528