Attendance and punctuality remain two of the biggest challenges facing all schools and all research clearly shows that even a few days absence in a school year, can affect progress.  Every time a child is absent they are losing vital learning time and have a negative impact on students GCSE grades.

Punctuality, too, is vitally important.  If students are late in the morning or late to lessons their progress will be affected.

We are committed to encouraging and rewarding excellent attendance and rely on parental support to ensure that Castle Donington College students are here every day and on time. To help , we have a team of dedicated people including Senior Leaders, Heads of Year, Form Tutors, our Attendance and Welfare Officer, Education Welfare Officer (EWO), School Nurse and Counsellor all prepared to offer support if there is a problem.

Parents are responsible in law (Section 444 of the Education Act 1996) for ensuring that their children of compulsory school age receive an efficient education suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs that they may have. Failure to do so without legitimate reason is an offence.

We ask parents to work in partnership with the College to resolve issues which may lead to poor attendance and ensure that their child attends daily and arrives on time.

If your child is ill or misses a day of school please telephone the College before 09.30 am to explain the reason for any absence. It is important that parents notify the College each day of their child’s absence and provide an explanation.

We request that, if you can, make medical and other appointments out school hours. If your child is involved in a formal sporting , music , performance events or other exceptional circumstances, which will mean they miss school, please notify the College as far in advance as possible.

Applications for a holiday in term time must be made, in advance, to the Principal. She must be satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances before any absence can be authorised. A leave of absence is granted entirely at the Principal’s discretion, under strict DfE guidelines, and is not a parental right. Penalty notices with fines of £60/£120 could be imposed on parents for failing to ensure that their child attends the College.