School Transport

The Local Authority arranges transport for students who attend Castle Donington College and who live outside of the regulation (3 miles) distance. The College works with the Authority to maintain discipline on these buses.

Students are issued with a bus pass for a particular bus and are given a timetable which identifies a number of pick up points.

In the event of the loss of the bus pass, the pupil should notify the College who will arrange for a temporary pass being issued. Parents should apply to County Hall for a replacement.

A bus pass can be withdrawn temporarily or permanantly in the event of poor behaviour on the bus.

Students should :

  • Remain seated for the whole of the journey
  • Be wearing a seat belt at all times
  • Behave in an acceptable manner at all times
  • Keep noise to an acceptable level (not shouting)
  • In event of an accident, follow the instructions of the driver
  • Report concerns as soon as possible

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